How luxury gifts can boost your customer loyalty?

Pleasing your customers should be the ultimate goal of any business. A happy customer becomes loyal thus driving the sales of your company.

This is even truer in B2B sales as each customer usually represents an important turnover and keeping them and pleasing them is something essential to grow your business in the long term. Choosing to offer a qualitative gift can be an excellent way to show your clients how much they matter to you, but the real impact of such gift could bring a lot more benefit to your business than you may think.

Why luxury gifts create a long-lasting and positive effect on your customers?

First a client will associate a gift to a very pleasant & positive experience that would create an immediate sense of satisfaction. This is an instant benefit that can prove useful to set the client in a good mindset before engaging in a negotiation. Secondly, if the present you offer will be used frequently by your client. He is likely to think of you & your company more frequently. This is why corporate gifts are so positive in the long run. They create a positive connection between your company and your clients. Offcourse that second benefit would only occur if you offer something that is valuable and usable over time.

So what is then a great corporate gift?

Typical great example are: writing instruments, leather items, watches & travel goods. Offering luxury accessories from well-known brand is important to increase the perceive value of the gift.

Is it important to brand the product with your logo?

As much as it is important to brand a promotional product, it is not that important to brand a high quality gift. The reason is that your customers are less likely to use a luxury product that features your logo prominently as then the product would look cheap. If that is the case the customer wouldn’t use as much the product and the long term positive effect is less likely to occur. It is suggested to brand the packaging of the product rather than the product itself for such items. What you really want is a product that your clients will use almost daily and that each time they use or see the gift they would remember who offered it. To achieve that, you only need a valuable item that is often used.

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