For 70 years Plastoria has been one of Europe's leading designers, manufacturers and distributors of fashion accessories.

Plastoria is a leading company developing luxury accessories for internationally renowned fashion brands. At Plastoria we design, develop, manufacture and distribute luxury accessories across multiple distribution channels, including retail and corporate gift networks.

Collection 2024

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The assets of Plastoria


Plastoria has been creating products for top fashion brands for over 35 years. We collaborate closely with our brands' design studios to offer unique and creative products which suit each brand's unique universe.


Plastoria has over 70 years of experience in the manufacturing of high-end branded products. This gives us a competitive edge, as we master the complete production cycle – from the early design stage to mass production.


Plastoria markets its products on various distribution networks including B2B (wholesale and corporate gifts) and B2C (retail, duty-free, high-end gift shops).