Design, manufacture and distribute quality fashion accessories for the retail (B2C) and business gift (B2B) markets.

Plastoria is a leading company developing luxury accessories under license from famous international brands. At Plastoria we design, develop, manufacture and distribute high quality items featuring original designs. In addition we believe that a good product should be offered at an attractive price so we pay a lot of attention to the manufacturing process in order to ensure cost control. Plastoria takes great care in building and preserving the image of the brands it represents. This is achieved by developing products that are close to the DNA of each brand, by ensuring best in class quality of our production and by using selective distribution channels.

©Marc Corbiau

The head office and heart of Plastoria ©Marc Corbiau

Our assets

Plastoria’s key competitive advantages are:

  • Strong creation team highly specialized in the field of luxury accessories
  • Diversified and international distribution network
  • Advanced services and logistics
  • High quality products

Our mission

Our goal is to develop, manufacture and market high quality fashion accessories at attractive costs for the retail (B2C) and business gifts (B2B) market. To support our customers with high quality services, from logistics to sales and marketing support. Finally, we wish to bring innovation and uniqueness to a market which is more and more standardized and competitive. Plastoria also strongly takes into account ethical and environmental issues when conducting its activities. We engage in multiple projects related to environmental issues (solar panels, waste reduction).