Plastoria is one of the last large industrial leather goods factories in Belgium.

We have a very long experience in the manufacture and development of luxury leather products.

Our workshops

Plastoria started out as an industrial leather manufacturer. Over the years, Plastoria has expanded its expertise to many other types of fashion accessories (from leather goods to writing instruments, to timepieces). In order to offer more competitive products in a complex environment, we manufacture products with various origins. Once again, we make the difference in the organisation of our production process and control of our factories (in order to supervise the quality and whether social and environmental law is respected). For instance, when manufacturing a pen, the body of the pen will be machined in our Taiwan factory (well known for its precision), and the refills come from Germany, where we work with the best subcontractors in ink and mechanical systems. The final assembly and quality control is done in our factory in Brussels. Thanks to our flow management and our strict logistic-line control (quality, rapidity, price) we are able to bring together the best that every country has to offer.

Our mission

Manufacture of all fashion accessories, from leather goods to writing and watches.