Corporate gifts

Today, Plastoria is a major player in the corporate gifts distribution network.

We have distributors in over 100 countries offering our items to top companies for their business and incentive gifts.

Collection Cerruti 1881

The corporate gifts market is usually unknown or at least underestimated by many brands. Nowadays it is a key distribution network for fashion accessories. The requirements of that network are very important as the buyers are professionals and expect a high level of service and consistent product quality. Plastoria works exclusively with the best distributors in every country. The accessories are often used as VIP gifts, employee rewards and incentives for sales forces or clients. We work hand in hand with our distributors to help end-users get the most out of their gifts. We have a team working full time helping customers select the perfect gifts based on the beneficiary profile, delivery time and price constraints. We support end-users with outstanding services and with a worldwide presence, facilitating the distribution of products for global operations.