A durable product is, first of all, a product that actually lasts.

The demand for environmentally friendly products is clearly becoming a major trend within the gifting industry among others.

We see offers burgeoning daily of “eco looking” products using fancy materials and claiming to be more ecological. One can easily question are those items really more environmentally friendly? Are those products really making any difference when it comes to fighting climate change, reducing waste and lowering environmental footprint?

We have strong doubts about this as most of those products are basically low-quality products meant to be thrown away quickly that serve little or no purposes to the person receiving them. Thus, creating waste and heavy carbon footprint in relation to the lifetime of such products. At PLASTORIA we do not only think that these are important concerns, but we want to actively participate in what we believe are real answers to those serious issues that concern us all. Everyone speaks about durable goods, but many forget that an actual durable product is, first of all, a product that is durable which literally means that last. For more than 15 years, PLASTORIA invests heavily towards that goal. It may seem less visible than a bamboo throwable product that may look at first more ecological but is out of use within 10 days of receiving it and is not even actually environmentally friendly to produce. We, at PLASTORIA, are proud to develop products that are made to be durable and can last for years. We believe that developing qualitative products is the single best way to actually reduce our carbon footprint. Lionel Wajs Chief Operating Officer

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